The First Year with a Preterm Infant: A Message to Family and Friends

This 13-minute documentary film portrays the experiences of four families with preterm infants, and what they would like to tell their own friends and families about the experience. (Currently accessible only on line).

Talk About Testing

This 20-minute documentary video won the prestigious Freddie Award "the Oscar of medical films and videos."  It uniquely combines cartoon animation, man/woman-on-the-street interviews and the true stories of people who have been tested for HIV/AIDS, for an engaging look at the importance of HIV testing and counseling.

In Good Hands: A Guide to Health Care Advance Directives

This 25-minute documentary video encourages individuals living with HIV to make a health-care advance directive. Interviews with legal and medical experts provide explanations for what an advance directive is and why it is important to consider having one. Interviews with several individuals living with HIV allow the viewer to see how advance directives can ensure that your health-care wishes are followed.

To Your Health

This video explains how our food needs change as we age, and portrays the experience of several older adults who have modified their diets to maintain health.

Four Stories: Younger Women with Breast Cancer

Nancy Avis, PhD, Principal Investigator
Allison C. Morrill, JD, PhD, Project Director

Funded by National Cancer Institute

A documentary video program in which four younger women talk about their experiences after being diagnosed with breast cancer and how they coped. Women describe how they empowered themselves with information and found positive directions to enrich their lives.

Breast Cancer: Is a Clinical Trial Right For You?

Nancy Avis, PhD, Principal Investigator
Allison C. Morrill, JD, PhD, Project Director (Phase I)

Funded by National Cancer Institute

A documentary video program that helps women with cancer make the decision to enroll in a clinical trial. Three women tell their stories, describing how and why they made their decisions, and their successes with clinical trials.


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