Advance Directives for People Living with HIV

This research project designed, produced and evaluated the effectiveness of a video package, In Good Hands, for people living with HIV.  The goal of the video package is for users to execute a health care advance directive.

Buddy Program for Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

This research project designed and pilot tested a program for women with breast cancer who were trying to decide whether or not to enter a clinical trial. They were paired with a "buddy" who had been in a breast cancer clinical trial. The buddy could give a personal perspective to complement the medical information.

Child Custody and Domestic Violence

This research evaluated the effectiveness of statutes mandating (a) a presumption against custody to a perpetrator of domestic violence, and (b) judicial education about domestic violence.

Food for Life

This research project designed, produced and evaluated the effectiveness of To Your Health! - a workshop, video and booklet for older adults. The goal of the workshop and materials is for the users to have healthier meals.

Enhancing HIV Counseling and Testing for Women

This research project designed, produced and evaluated the effectiveness of a video, Talk About Testing, for women who test for HIV and their male partners. The goal of the video is to increase partner testing and safer sex.

HIV Prevention Community Planning

This research project assessed decision-making by the Massachusetts Prevention Planning Group.

Integration of HIV+ Inmates into the Community

This research project evaluated the Transitional Intervention Project, which helps incarcerated individuals living with HIV as they transition back into the community.

The L.I.F.E.® Program in Corrections

This research project assessed the feasibility of implementing the "Learning Immune Function Enhancement" program in correctional settings in Massachusetts.

Partner Counseling and Referral Services

In 2007 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health HIV/AIDS Bureau conducted the second phase of a pilot project to offer Partner Counseling and Referral Services to persons living with HIV. Six HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral sites throughout the Commonwealth implemented the pilot. Capacities evaluated the second phase of the pilot by assessing (a) the staff training, (b) the process of implementation, and (c) the impact of the pilot.

Rapid HIV Testing in Massachusetts: A Policy Analysis

Starting in 2003, Massachusetts began several pilot projects to offer rapid HIV testing in selected health care and corrections settings. The term "rapid HIV test" refers to the OraQuick test for HIV in which a small blood sample is obtained by a finger stick, and the test can be processed on site and results ("reactive" or "non-reactive") obtained after 20 minutes. If the result is "reactive," a confirmatory blood test is required to determine antibody status.

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess rapid HIV testing pilot programs in order to inform the development of statewide policies around implementation of rapid HIV testing.

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