HIV Prevention Community Planning

Hortensia Amaro, PhD, Evaluator
Allison C. Morrill, JD, PhD, Project Director

Funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (#U50/CCU117789)
- via the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

The Massachusetts HIV Prevention Community Planning Group ("MPPG") is a public body charged with advising the Department of Public Health concerning HIV prevention planning. This study tested the impact of a 3-year intervention to enhance the use of data in decision-making by the MPPG. Over 90% of MPPG members completed surveys before and after the first year of the intervention, and the before-and-after responses were compared.

Evaluation Results

Significant improvements were found in members' perceptions of decision-making structure and leadership, and their satisfaction with prevention planning processes and intervention prioritization decisions. Findings suggest that changes in organizational structures and processes - including redistribution of power and broader constituent representation - can improve the planning process and results.

Scholarly Publications

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